Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review- Romancing the R.A. by Ashelyn Drake

Title: Romancing the R.A. (Campus Crush #1)
Author:  Ashelyn Drake
Publisher: S.B. Addison Books
Published: May 28, 2013

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From Goodreads:

Noelle Buckman is looking forward to making a fresh start in college, one that doesn’t involve immature high school boys. The second she steps on campus for freshman orientation, she can sense the possibilities. Especially when she spots Andy, a resident advisor who’s not just hot but also thoughtful enough to open doors for a girl. 

And Andy has his eye on Noelle. Even when her nerves take control and she thinks she comes off as a hillbilly with no direction, Andy can see what she’s really like and he’s more than a little interested.

But orientation is less than two full days and there’s an entire summer between Noelle and Andy. Will her attempt to romance the R.A. be as short-lived as college orientation?

My Review:

A fun, sexy, summer read!

This was such a fun read. It took me right back to college and the first guy I dated on campus. Every time Noelle saw Andy I actually felt her butterflies and excitement. I love when a book reminds me of that time in my life. I only wish my campus visits had been this much fun.

Noelle is the girl next door. She’s a bit apprehensive and let’s her more out going BFF Julia take the lead. I loved the friendship between the two girls. It was so real it reminded me of my own BFF!

Andy is that gorgeous guy every girl crushed on the first week of college. But on top of that he is one of the good guys. My heart pounded every time he made eye contact with Noelle. If only every guy on a college campus was as wonderful as Andy.....a girl can dream, right?

Favorite line of the book “My knight in shining Speedo.” Best laugh out loud moment too.

I love Ashelyn Drake’s writing. She really captured the college experience from the rush of new found independence to the excitement of first love out on your own. This is a fun, quick summer read that I highly recommend. I look forward to the next book in the Campus Crush series. 

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  1. Thank you for the great review, Meredith! I'm really glad the book made you remember your own college experience.

    Oh, and every girl should have a knight in shining Speedo, shouldn't they? ;-)

    1. Only if he looks like Andy LOL. I really loved this and can't wait for Behind Closed Doors :) There is nothing better than getting swept into a story so much it brings back your own memories.

    2. I'm beyond ecstatic that my story did that for you. :-)

    3. So many books are about high school (which I loved too), but I have really fond memories of college. It was so much fun to relive some of them through Noelle.

  2. The writing sounds great, glad you enjoyed

    1. It is a really fun, quick read. I love when I feel a characters emotions :)