I am a huge fan of the mini-series and Team banners and I've been trying my hand at making ones for books I can't find ones for. If you are looking to add these types of banners to your site here are a few places to check first:

I'm Loving Books 
The Girl with the Green Shovel
Dedicated Readers Only

You will find a ton of banners through these sites. However, there are a few I couldn't find so I attempted my own.  Here is how they came out:

 photo newacademybanner.jpg

 photo unravelbanner.jpg
 photo janelleunraveling.jpg photo campuscrushbanner.jpg
 photo academybanner6.jpg photo doublestarban.jpg
 photo loveandgamesbanner.jpg
 photo alienbanner2.jpg

 photo academybanner5.jpg

 photo century-1.jpg
 photo Onebanner.jpg

ruined photo ruined.jpg

 photo teamnorth.jpg photo teamace2.jpg photo TeamKota.jpg

 photo teamben.jpg photo austinteam.jpg

 photo teamjason.jpg photo jax.jpg 

If there is a banner you are looking for, feel free to comment here and I will see what I can do!

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