Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Entangled Bliss Celebration-Why I Love Bliss Books

How do I love Bliss? Let me count the ways

1. I love the men
2. I love the romance
3. I love the heat
4. I love the men
5. I love the sweetness
6. I love the men
7. I love the Happily Ever Afters
8. I love the men
9. I love the passion
10. I love the men!

I recently went on a one-click Amazon buying spree and filled my Kindle with every Bliss book I hadn't yet read. I have so many favorites since I love every one I read. They are the perfect pick-me-up, feel-good stories. Great for a beach read, lounging by the pool, or relaxing before you fall asleep. While I love them all, here are some of my more recent favorites:

Why do I love this story? Firefighters, New Orleans, and Spicy Food!
You can check out my full review of this fabulous story HERE.
I adore Jason Landry and Colby Robicheaux. And I have to include a picture of my own personal 
Jason Landry:

Jason can pull me from a burning building anytime!

I also adore his BFF Cane (who I might add is getting his own book!). Cane is sexy and I can't wait to read his story. Here's how I see Cane:

But.....then Rachel posted this lovely picture for the Flirt Squad that made me go Hmmmmm:

So now I'm torn. I <3 Channing, but Cane #2 is just, yeah!

Another favorite of mine is

I love a good taboo workplace romance. What makes this one even better is how much Eve Doucette despises and it threatened by the gorgeous Matt Brison. How these two really thought they wouldn't hook up was beyond me ;) 

For the record, here is my Matt:

Yeah, he can totally be my boss any day!

One more of my recent faves is 

A jilted bride, the groom coming home to marry someone else, and the sexy playboy she blames for the breakup? Yup, that's a story I have to read!

And here is my Nate (YUM):


Here are a few more Bliss Books I absolutely adore:

Bliss Books are perfect Happily Ever Afters that make you swoon, *sigh*, and smile!

Don't forget to join the Bliss Ball Facebook Parties with the lovely Bliss authors on August 27 and August 29 from 8-10pm EST. We will be chatting with Bliss authors, readers and there will be more great prizes to win! Check out our full list of Bliss books and come ready to party and win!

The Blissfully Sweet Gift Basket includes goodies for those with a sweet tooth, ebooks of our first three Bliss releases: Three River Ranch by Roxanne Snopek, Lucky Break by Kelley Vitollo and Sugar Rush by Rachel Astor and a $25 Amazon gift card.  If the winner is from outside the U.S. they will get a $100 Amazon gift card and ebooks of our first three Bliss releases.

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  1. I promise I read all through this post but when I came to Jensen Ackles I needed to take a moment. Good work!

    I've never heard of Bliss, but I might be checking it out now!

    1. I love having a reason to put him (and all beautiful boys) on the blog. I just like staring at them all day. Bliss books are fantastic. Great pick me ups and they are short, which is nice when you are looking for a quick read ;)

  2. I love books...and chocolates...and books...and chocolates!!!


  3. I was really trying hard to read the blog post carefully, only THOSE MEN!!! Yes, I got a wee bit distracted. =) Nice picks! (And the books look good too) ;-)

    1. LOL wait until my post on September 3rd. It's gonna be raining hot men ;) And Jensen Ackles makes a return visit just b/c I like him that much!