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The Spiral Arm by Peter Boland Interview & Giveaway!

The Spiral Arm Episode 1
by Peter Boland
Release Date:  May 21, 2013

From Goodreads:
Wren Harper lives on an overcrowded Earth on the brink of apocalypse. There are just too many people. The answer lies 600 light-years away on Kepler; a planet more than double the size of Earth. For decades humans have been fighting another race for its control. Earth’s armies are depleted, so now 15-year-old cadets are sent to fight, trained along the way in vast combat ships. But why has Wren been chosen? She's small and geeky and not a fighter. Will she survive Kepler? Or will the training kill her first?

The Spiral Arm Episode 2
By Peter Boland
Release Date: December 3, 2013

From Goodreads:
Wren is in the most dangerous place imaginable - a training ship full of fledgling killers heading to a war-torn planet. She’s struggling to keep up, and the other cadets aren't impressed. But Wren’s not done for yet. She’s a survivor and uses the one thing she’s got to even the odds - her super-smart brain. But will that be enough?

I am so excited to have the author of the Spiral Arm series, Peter Boland, here on the blog today. My head has been burning with questions for him on his story, desire to write in episodes, and about the character of Wren. Check out what he has to and then enjoy an excerpt of this story you want to add to your TBR list now. Plus, he's even giving away a copy of one of his books to a lucky winner! 

What inspired the idea to write this series in novella length episodes? And how many episodes do you think it will include?
It suits my writing style. I like plot-driven stories - I guess this comes from my advertising background where you have to get to the point quickly. I've planned the series out for at least 16 episodes, we'll see how it goes.

Will each episode end with a major cliffhanger, and if so about how long will we have to wait between books?
Yes, hopefully. I'd like to get one out every couple of months - trouble is, life gets in the way, best laid plans and all that.

What are you currently reading?
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova - it's beautifully written and impeccably researched - it's about a historian trying to find the tomb of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula). 

Do you have a playlist for the series? Can you share a song or two and how you "hear" it in the story?
Yes, music really inspires me to write. Here's a few:
Blackout by Anna Calvi - when Wren steps out into the darkened streets of futuristic Chicago.
Strong by London Grammar - Wren creeping around the ship on her own at night.

Did you make any New Year's resolutions this year? What are some and have you broken any yet? :)
I kind of did it in reverse this year, I gave up drinking for 3 months before Christmas!

Do you think you will continue writing in this episode idea for future books? I have to admit, with my busy scheduling I think it's incredibly appealing by the way.
That's great to hear. Yes, I will if it suits the story and feels natural to do so.

If you could go anywhere in the world to write, where would you go?
Ravello in Italy - it's a small village on the side of a mountain - breathtakingly beautiful - actually, it would probably be the worst place as I wouldn't get any work done.

What is your favorite movie or TV show (just curious if it's sci-fi)?
That's easy - Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Lord of the Rings, Aliens, Battle Star Galactica

What inspired Wren's story?
I wanted a strong female lead, but I wanted her to be vulnerable and smart, and to use her brain to solve problems, rather than her fists. She likes the quiet life and just wants to be left alone, but I've placed her in her worst nightmare!  

I'd definitely have to agree with that! Thanks for stopping by today Peter and we can't wait to see more episodes of The Spiral Arm!

Excerpt from The Spiral Arm, Episode 1:

Tuss pushes open the doors, the noise level leaps and the heavy beat of trance music slaps me in the ears. The place is full of ridiculously tall muscular cadets, over-excited and oozing with self-confidence. I walk amongst them as if I’m in the land of the giants.

There’s a line of booths like you get in a diner along one wall. Each one is stuffed with cadets and some are sitting on the tables. In front of the booths are a handful of pool tables, but nobody’s playing. They’re leaning on them, busy chatting and getting acquainted. An arm-wresting competition is taking place on one of them. Cadets crowd round, violently screaming encouragement. On the other side of the room, a cadet grins manically while others queue up to hit him in the stomach, to prove how rock hard his abs are. Brightly lit vending machines line the opposite wall, serving protein shakes and little energy snacks. Some cadets are having drinking competitions to see who can down theirs the fastest.

I am a fish out of water. Forget that, I’m a not even a fish. I’m the tiniest tadpole that’s as far from water as it’s possible to be.  

Weird stares greet me as we move through the crowd. People look at me as though I’m a lost child who’s wandered into the grown-ups area. I stick close to Tuss, hoping she’ll shield me like a parent, but I quickly realize Tuss is popular. She seems to know everyone already and flits from one group to another, fist-bumping people and calling them by their first names. Meanwhile, I stand around like a piece of very small furniture.

One ecopy of either The Spiral Arm season 1 episode 1 or 2

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