Thursday, January 2, 2014

SALT by Danielle Ellison

Salt (Salt #1)
GoodReads Summary

Penelope is a witch, part of a secret society protecting humans from demon attacks. But when she was a child, a demon killed her parents—and stole her magic. Since then, she’s been pretending to be something she’s not, using her sister’s magic to hide her own loss, to prevent being sent away.

When she’s finally given the chance to join the elite demon-hunting force, Penelope thinks that will finally change. With her sister’s help, she can squeeze through the tests and get access to the information she needs to find "her" demon. To take back what was stolen.

Then she meets Carter. He’s cute, smart, and she can borrow his magic, too. He knows her secret—but he also has one of his own.

Suddenly, Penelope’s impossible quest becomes far more complicated. Because Carter’s not telling her everything, and it’s starting to seem like the demons have their own agenda…and they’re far too interested in her.


Jennifer's Review:

Okay, so I admit when I heard the title of the book I was like “Salt"? But once you get into the book "Salt" makes a lot of sense :-)

The Main Characters: Carter and Penelope. They had great witty banter that will make you laugh out loud a lot and they also have something really powerful going on between the two of them right from the start. I was intrigued!

Penelope --a Witch that has lost her magic during a tragic event. She is what they called "Static" but oddly enough she can use her magic when someone from her family is near. Very Odd...YES definitely. The family keeps this a secret because "Statics" get pushed out of the witch world for good. Penelope wants to become an enforcer (an elite group of witches that protects both the humans and the witches from demons) but with no magic can she do that?

Carter - Well he is a mystery from the start. I liked Carter - his personality was great and I couldn't wait to find out just exactly what his secret was and why Penelope's magic works when he is a around....and worked really really well! Well you will just have to read to find out.

This story is action packed and continually moved forward: demon slaying, coffee drinking, researching, sparring  and some serious romantic spark between the two main characters.

I’m not sure what I was expecting with this story, but I got so much more. It's a magically intense ride that you will want to be on!

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