Monday, February 24, 2014

Falling for STAR-CROSSED!

Are you watching Star-crossed? Because if you aren't you are REALLY missing out. This show is fantastic! One episode in and it's everything I hoped it would be. And let me tell you, if you follow this blog at all, you KNOW how much I love my aliens! Seriously, alien junkie here and I ain't afraid to admit it. I may even start a support group for those who dream of getting beamed up by a dreamy hunk of an alien. Okay, I kid....well maybe not. But anyway, THIS show. Just....yeah.

So the gist of the story is that Roman and his kind crash landed on Earth ten years ago to a not so friendly welcome. For a short time Emery hid Roman in her garage and fed him, took care of him, and did things six-year-olds do together. Basically she showed him kindness in a world that terrified him. Of course he was found and, so she thought, killed. But he turns up ten years later when his kind is integrated into society via Emery's high school. And that's where the story for these two begins.

I have to admit, watching the previews I was excited but worried that the character of Emery came off a little bland. But good news is, I loved her! The previews definitely didn't do her character justice because Aimee Teegarden does a fabulous job. And what can I say, I absolutely adore Matt Lanter. He knows how to play the heart throb, and honestly he and his wife are so darn cute, how can you NOT just love him? 

If you haven't checked this show out yet, do it TONIGHT! If you love aliens, you will adore Star-Crossed. Rather than give you every detail that makes it so great (seriously, just watch it), I am sharing a gif timeline of my reactions to the pilot. Enjoy! (And GO WATCH! NOW!)

When six year old Emery helps Roman.
(Awwwwwwww. Seriously when will adults start learning from kids?)

Ten years later when Roman starts his first day of high school.
(Hey Hot Alien! I'm over HERE! Aliens rule!)

Then some school stuff and Emery/Roman interactions

Followed by some other stuff

Then Roman's gift to Emery

And finally

So if you love all things aliens, or forbidden love, or just fun high school romance, go watch this show. It's got drama, action, fun, and of course, that heart-warming first love stuff. 

It's on the CW Monday nights at 8PM EST. 


  1. Uuugghh I need to catch up on so many shows but this really sounds amazing! At first, I thought it was based off the books but sadly not. I still think I'd really love it though. If it's that good after one episode, it has to be amazing!

    1. It is SOOOOOO good! And I thought the same thing ;) I hope you give it a shot. I really want this one to stay around. This and Reign are my top two new faves this season. I am so excited for tonight and to see where this show goes. Love the cast, love the premise. Just LOVE!! (Can you tell I like it lol)