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Entangled Teen Ember Launch

"Our fires burn brightly for our readers and as a way to say thanks to our readers we've launched our latest division of Entangled Teen and it's name is Ember. We have two exciting launch titles: Darker Days by Jus Accardo and Chaos by Christine O'Neil. Read away!" Entangled Teen Ember is a division of Entangled Teen that specializes in digital-first YAs

Chaos by Christine O’Neil
My name is Maggie Raynard. After sixteen years being just plain me, suddenly, when I lose my temper, my fingers become weapons of mass destruction. Turns out I'm a semi-god, descended from Aphrodite. Sounds cool in theory, but when I accidentally put my ex-boyfriend in a coma, things go downhill pretty fast.

Now some new guy named Mac Finnegan has made it his mission in life to continually piss me off. I'm stuck learning how to use my new powers while also dealing with regular high school problems, and with this annoying and super-hot—guy all
up in my business, I'm about to flip out.

But it gets worse. I just learned there's this watchdog council of semis who keep an eye out for any bad apples. They think I'm the baddest one in the bunch and want to take me out before I do any more damage. My nemesis Mac might turn out to be my salvation, only he's got secrets of his own...and they may just kill us both.

Darker Days by Jus Accardo
A little sin can be deadly...

Jessie Darker goes to high school during the day, but at night she helps with the family investigation business.

Cheating husbands and stolen inheritances? They’re your girls—but their specialty is a bit darker. Zombie in your garage? Pesky Poltergeist living in your pool? They’ll have the problem solved in a magical minute. For a nominal fee, of course...

When gorgeous new client, Lukas Scott, saunters into the office requesting their help to find a stolen box, it sounds like a simple case—until the truth comes out. The box is full of Sin.

Seven deadly ones, in fact.

They’ve got five days to recapture the Sins before they're recalled by the box, taking seven hijacked human bodies with them. Easy peasy—except for one thing...

There’s a spell that will allow the Sins to remain free, causing chaos forever. When the key ingredient threatens the life of someone she knows, Jessie must make the ultimate choice between love and family—or lose everything.

Thanks for coming to visit us on this leg of the Entangled Ember launch tour! We thought we could interview Jessie Darker (heroine of Jus Accardo’s book Darker Days) and Maggie Raynard (heroine of Christine O’Neil’s Chaos) to interview each other so you guys could get to know them a little better! Readdyyy…Go!

Q: Liam Hemsworth or Alex Pettyfer?

Jessie: That guy from the Vampire Diaries. The dark, angry one. I know, I know. He's an Otherworlder (and not real) but holy house of hogs getting blasted by the blue birdie brigade, is he hot.

Maggie:  Kit Harington. Game of Thrones.All day.
Interviewer: Okay, neither of those guys were one of your choices…

Maggie: We, ah, aren’t exactly known for rule-following.

Q: Okay, thanks for the warning. The Conjuring  or The Notebook?

Jessie: The Notebook? Really? Do you have any clue who you're talking to? The Conjuring.

Maggie: *gag* No contest. The Conjuring.

Jessie: *snickers* See? Great minds!

Q: Movie Popcorn or Movie Candy? (and if B., what kind?)

Jessie: Candy. Chocolate.Because there is no other kind.

Maggie: Movie candy, Reese anything.

Q: Dogs or cats?

Jessie: I suppose I have to say dogs by default…

Maggie: Dogs. I love animals, but cats always seem standoffish. Like, if you dropped dead and weren’t around to feed them, they’d probably eat your face off or something.

Q: Favorite fictional character?

Jessie:  Dracula… Though I'm not entirely sure he's fictional.

Maggie: Spiderman. Now THOSE are some powers I could work with.

Jessie: No way. If you're gonna go the superhero route, it should be someone epic. Peter Parker got bit by a bug… A BUG!

Maggie: You picked DRACULA! Vampires are SO two-thousand and seven.

Q: Least favorite fictional character?

Jessie:  The Smurfs. I'm sorry, but they're just smurfing creepy. All those guys and one chick?Yeah… Wonder what's going on there.
Maggie: Winnie the Pooh. The half-shirt/no pants thing is off-putting. Plus he’s a terrible speller. Sell some of that “hunny” and buy a dictionary, dude.

Jessie: *snorts* The no pants thing is way creepy!

Maggie: Right?!

Q: Favorite toy as a child?

Jessie: Am I going to get my mom in trouble if I say the family weapon collection...? If so, then, um, I dunno. A doll?One with that fake kind of brushable hair? Yeah. That sounds safe...

Maggie: *nods* Ugh, dolls are the creepiest. I’m pretty sure they come to life while I’m sleeping and try to turn my other toys against me. *ponders* I’ma have to go with sling shot. Fun to play with but also handy if the dolls stage a coup and I need to protect myself.

Q: If you were on death row, what would you pick for your last meal?

Jessie: If I'm going out, I'm doing it in a blaze of chocolate. Chocolate cream pie topped with chocolate whipped cream—the real stuff. Chocolate croissants. Chocolate chimp pancakes. Mmm

Maggie: Is my friend Libby going to see this? She’ll totally judge me for it, but I don’t give a crap, it’s my funeral, right? Let’s see, *ticks off on fingers* Kraft mac and cheese, onion rings, tater tots—extra ketchup--a cherry Pop Tart and a peanut butter chocolate shake towash it all down. What? *eyes interviewer* Why are you looking at me like that?
Jessie: Oh my God. I'm so hungry right now.

Interviewer: Those are all…side dishes.

Maggie: *elbows Jessie* She thinks Pop Tarts are a side dish. *shakes head* What a noob.

Jessie: *shakes head* I feel so sorry for you right now, lady.

Q: Favorite book?

Jessie: Vendi's Monster Encyclopedia

Maggie: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Q: Favorite subject in school?

Jessie: Does lunch count?

Maggie: Art. *snort* Kidding. I guess Mythology…or, as I like to call it, “Reality”.

Q: Dream job?

Jessie: Duh. Monster Mashing!

Maggie: An advice columnist

Q: Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny?

 Jessie: Um... I'm not sure how to answer this. If you mean which is freakier, the Easter Bunny all the way. Mom took me to the mall once to see him when I was younger. I tried to strangle him. No judging. I thought he was a demon, okay!?

Maggie: So my options are giant rabbit who poops eggs that we’re supposed to eat, or fat man in a red suit who breaks into your house to give you candy in a sock, yes? Ummm…can I choose The Great Pumpkin instead?

Jessie: Pumpkin… cookies. *shrugs* What? I told you I was hungry…

Q: Favorite fish?

Jessie: *blinks* You're joking, right? This is a joke? *looks at Maggie and shrugs, then turns back to interviewer* Are we just saying any random thing that comes to mind? Okay. Well, here's a piece of advice. Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup... Yeah. How do you like it? Seriously, though. That advice is actually solid when dealing with certain otherworlders...

Maggie: Swedish

Jessie: *laughs* I totally just pictured you chowing down on that puppet. The one from that old Muppet show?

Maggie: Nah, if I was going to eat a Muppet, I’d go with Miss Piggy. Because ribs.

Jessie: I'm so refraining from making a Kermit the frog joke right now.

Q: You go to school and realize you forgot to do your homework. What excuse do you give?

Jessie: My demon dog ate it... Probably not an excuse, either. He has a taste for notebook paper...

Maggie: I was busy getting sentenced to death by the Council of Amaranth…again, probably not an excuse. That’s totally a possibility.

Q: One thing you would change about your life?

Jessie: This is gonna sound messed up, but nothing. I wouldn't change a thing. I'm happy with who I am, and if I went around tweaking and changing things, I wouldn't be me. Yeah it sucked that my dad couldn't be around when I was growing up, but that's the way it had to be. As Lukas would say, we did our penance. Everything works out in the end. I gotta believe that.

Maggie: I wish I could be as accepting of my lot as Jess is, but I’m not that zen yet. I totally want my dad back. I’d even take one of those screwed up zombie versions of him, or, like, a ghost-type deal. Just…something. Some way for him to tuck me in, or dance with me, even one more time.

Christine O'Neil was born and raised in Connecticut, where she spent most of her childhood outdoors catching salamanders, frogs and colds. When she wasn't terrorizing Mother Nature, she was curled up under the covers with her nose in a book. As an adult, she's stopped stalking amphibians, but still loves books. When she isn't reading, she likes to spend her time people-watching. In fact, she's probably watching you RIGHT NOW O_O She's also pretty obsessed with writing YA books, but if she had to pick another profession she would be a ninja...or a Professor of the Dark Arts. Christine also writes adult romance under the pen name Christine Bell.

JUS ACCARDO spent her childhood reading and learning to cook. Determined to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps as a chef, she applied and was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America. At the last minute, she realized her path lay with fiction, not food, and passed on the spot to pursue writing. Jus is the bestselling author the popular Denazen series from Entangled publishing. A native New Yorker, she lives in the middle of nowhere with her husband, three dogs, and sometimes guard bear, Oswald.

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