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The Healer by C.J. Anaya BLOG tour

The Healer
by C.J. Anaya 
Release Date:  07/11/15
272 pages

Summary from Goodreads:
Hope Fairmont is a normal teenage girl. She attends public school, gets good grades, has a normal best friend…sort of normal…and works as a janitor at the local hospital. Unfortunately, that’s where the ruse ends. Oh, sure, she might be tidying up hospital rooms here and there, but Hope is also using a gift she hides from everyone in order to heal any patients who might need her, which, in her mind is everyone.

She and her father may have been able to keep her healing gift a secret for most of her life, but there are others out there who know who Hope really is and what her gift for healing is truly meant to accomplish. Hope’s life spirals out of control when two, handsome young men mysteriously appear, claiming they must protect her from a demon god determined to end her life before she can fulfill her destiny.

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Jennifer's Review

The story follows Hope who has a power to heal.  She works at the hospital where her father is the chief surgeon. Hope's father desperately wants her to keep her gift a secret but he does let her help at the hospital. Being able to heal and help people makes Hope happy - it was nice to see how much she truly wanted help others.  Two mysterious boys arrive at Hope's school and then the story really takes off with some great twists and turns. The book delves into Japanese mythology which I really enjoyed. I have always been a fan of Greek mythology so getting insight in the Japanese mythology was new and fresh to me. 

The characters:  
Hope - main character, the story is told from her point of view, she's selfless, really enjoys helping and healing others, has a good relationship with her dad and best friend, never has had any interest in boys till Tie and Victor enter the picture.
Hope’s potential romantic interests are Tie and Victor:
Tie is cocky and self-assured. Almost too much but we quickly figure that some of it is a front. 
Victor is more serious, reserved and sweet.  
I liked both of them but I am glad this did not turn out to be a love triangle as I think Tie is clearly the one who is meant for Hope. I am hoping that Victor comes to his senses and finds love elsewhere. Hint hint: Angie! 
Angie - Hope's best friend. She was funny and had some really good one liners.  Very well done friendship. 
Hope's father- dedicated and really supported Hope's gift. 

The ending:
Well its a cliffhanger! In summary the story gripped me enough that I am interested in reading book two.

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About the Author
C. J. Anaya began writing short stories for family and friends when she was thirteen years old. This soon morphed into an extensive project every year during Christmas as a way to create a fun and inexpensive Christmas gift.

Her passion for reading and writing led her to following her own dreams of becoming a published author. She was born in Utah and raised everywhere else. She even lived a few years in Brazil, enjoying the people, the culture and learning the beautiful language of Portuguese; a language she is still fluent in to this day. As a result of her exposure to varying peoples and cultures, her interests became varied as well.

As a mother of four children she is now a singer and a songwriter, a baker and a cake decorator, a dancer and a choreographer, a girl with a degree in Criminal Justice and a first time published author of YA paranormal romance and fantasy. She is also married to the most deliciously, handsome looking Latino. As always, she has plenty to write about.

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