Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Facebook vs. Twitter or Perfection vs. Reality

I’ve been asked a few times recently why Jennifer and I don’t have a Facebook page for our blog or why I don't post often on my own personal page. The truth is, I don’t use Facebook much. In fact, if I'm being honest, it seriously annoys me. While I could put it into words, instead I was inspired to put in a blog post. So, today will be a break from the usual bookish post as I share the story of my family trip to the pumpkin patch via Facebook and via Twitter.

For the record, I have three children ages 8, 6, and 4. My husband and I looked forward to taking them to pick out pumpkins at a nearby farm. This local farm is a fantastic place with all sorts of activities for kids. In theory, it should have been a day to remember. And technically it was.

So here is how our day went according to Facebook:

Looks like a fun-filled day, right?


Now, here is how our day went according to Twitter:

Ready to go to pumpkin patch, until DD#2 freaked about clothes...AGAIN. #diva

Youngest child insisting on bringing her farm animals from school. Not giving in. #yesigavein

Youngest now insisting on taking pictures with said farm animals. Not gonna do it. #yesidid

Lots of activities, unfortunately all three kids want to do something different. #worstnightmare

Pretty sure a kid just peed in the bounce house. Now kids are screaming b/c I won’t let them jump in urine. #germfactory

We have to pay for every activity? PER KID?? This stupid pumpkin is gonna cost over $100. #poshfarm #nothowweroll #goldenpumpkin

Ninety-fing degrees in October. Sweating our butts off looking at rotten pumpkins #nofallhere #florididiots

Wish annoying family taking pics in front of us would give up. It’s been 20 mins. Safe to assume lil’ Johnny ain’t gonna smile. #selfabsorbed #screamingkids

Ready to pick up a pumpkin and chuck it at said annoying family. #letsdothis #readytorumble

$15 for a small rotten pumpkin? Now kids are screaming b/c we aren’t buying stupid pumpkins. #shouldhavegonetowalmart #shouldhavestayedhome

WTF just crawled up my leg? Does this corn maze ever end? #iaminhell

Just followed annoying family home. They live four houses down the street. #figures #gonnagetteepeed

Hot, sweaty, kids still crying over stupid rotten pumpkins and bounce house. #ihateflorida #octobersucks #neveragain

Notice any differences?

So there you have it. Don't get me wrong, I do occasionally use Facebook. I like to stay in touch with friends that live far away or I haven't seen in years and it's easier (aka lazy) to like posted pictures or comments than actually picking up a phone or sending an email (note the sarcasm). But I definitely feel like I fit in better with the Twitter crowd. 

So while everyone on Facebook is enjoying their perfect existence, I will readily admit to the Twitter crowd when I have a day (or ten) where all I can do is sit back, plug my ears, and scream SERENITY NOW!

So what about you guys? Do you find you post more on Twitter or Facebook?


  1. LOL! As a mom, hunny I totally understand ALL of this!

    If I ever posted your tweets to my FB I would be overrun with unwanted parenting tips from family members, all making it sound like I have no clue what I am doing, as if I haven't kept 2 kids alive for 9 years...

    So this is why I tweet these things,like you and use FB to chat with family. I am on FB a lot - but I am very careful about what I say. I don't need links to medical research showing me urine in a bouncy house is good for them - and trust me my family would find that crazy BS out there somewhere!!! LOL

    1. Hahahaha! I'm pretty sure I'd get the same medical links ;) Facebook is just to dang perfect LOL. Glad I can find kindred spirits on Twitter.

  2. That was a total crack up - I was laughing already until I got to the jumping castle and then I lost it. Ha Ha.

    Wow, this was so darn good and #gladitwasnotme


    1. LOL thanks ;) And seriously #wishitwasnotme